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Computer Monitors
Computer Monitors
Easy on the eyes and also easy on the budget. Our monitors provide high quality and reliability.
Video Game Console
Video Game Console
It's a world where the unexpected can happen and usually does. Choose from our selection of video game consoles for your home or dorm room.
Get some direction in your life with our GPS systems. Get a premium GPS for less than you ever expected with Lay-Away.com!!!
You have individual taste. For our customers who want something different than the norm!

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MP3 Players - Check out the newest Mp3 players. Our ultra compact MP3 players offer hours of skip free music!
Why buy at Lay-Away.com?

It's an easy way to make purchases that might otherwise cramp your budget. When you don't want to use your credit card and your cash is low, Lay-away.com is your number one solution!

Featured Products

Garmin nüvi 760 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator
Garmin nüvi 760 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator
$229 94
Bose SoundDock Digital Music System
Bose SoundDock Digital Music System
$599 99
Garmin's nüvi 700 series brings two exciting new features -- multi-destination routing and, "Where am I? Where's my car?" -- to its popular pocket-sized GPS navigator lineup.

Brace yourself for the best-sounding Bose system for your iPod. The SoundDock 10 delivers performance so powerful and lifelike, it could easily become your home's main music system. It's ideal for parties, gatherings, or your personal listening. You've probably never heard your iPod sound this good.

Customer Testimonials
"I would just like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You", for such a great service as this one. I could never afford any of these products if I had to buy them on my own, and with this fantastic service I NOW CAN, THANK YOU !! "I bought a 11 inch television for my truck and Lay-away.com is the only place where I could get this item buy making monthly payment" Just wanted to say Thank You for the service you supply. Using Lay-away.com was so easy, along with fast delivery. Will recommend your site to all my friends and family.
DW, San Antonio, TX Jamie Galvez, Greenwich, CT Sandy D., Halethorpe, MD


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